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in comprehensive school choice.

  • that students will benefit from increased educational options, including the best possible public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, vocational schools, private schools, parochial schools and every other kind of quality educational opportunity.

  • that parents should have the power to decide which school is best for their children.

  • that education resources should follow the child to the school chosen by the parents

  • in voucher programs and educational improvement tax credit (EITC) programs

  • that we should promote and duplicate the methods of schools that work.

  • that good teachers are the key to a good education.

  • that good teachers should be better paid, but that poor teachers must be terminated.

  • that any teacher layoff should be merit-based rather than seniority-based.

  • in flexible teaching environments that allow teachers to innovate in meeting their students’ needs.

  • that teaching should be a first-choice profession for the best and the brightest.

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